The Production

All production phases are certified and up to quality check standards and safety regulations. Thereby we guarantee you consistent high quality with modern CNCmachines.

All tools are laser marked with a serial number. Thus, allowing every single tool to be identified
and easily tracked for reproduction.

This is what we call accurate repitition.

Our machinery 

Our comprehensive machinery with state-of-the-art technology guarantees the production of high quality tools.

In addition to the manufactured standard and special tools, we carry out all modifications according to your requirements.

Take advantage of good prices of tool modification to improve the use of your existing tools!


With our state-of-the-art milling centers we can quickly modify tools with high precision.

Very flexible tilting machine heads can carry out a wide variety of processes.

This is where, grooves, gaps, and other machining types are carried out.

CNC-Profile Grinding

Our CNC-Professional grinding machines guarantee high precision (tolerance of +/-0.01 mm), accurate parallelism and repeatability.

Here you can also retrofit induction hardened and core hardened tools. Radius and angle modifications are precisely carried out upon request.


The tool working areas are exposed to the highest mechanical stress, because the press brake force is concentrated on small surfaces. For this reason, the press force on tool working areas is very high and it results in high friction between tools and sheet metal to be bent.

In order to have more resistant tools, their surface can be hardened. Rolleri uses induction hardening, which penetrates about 3 mm into the tool steel, to guarantee high wear resistance and to offer customers the best solution to competitive prices.

Quality Control and Serial numbers

During the production process, every single tool produced by Rolleri is marked with a unique serial number, which guarantees its full traceability. This enables us to certify that all Rolleri tools of the same model in the market have exactly the same dimensions (angle, radius, hardening...).


By using electro-discharge machines, Rolleri can machine hardened and tough materials. This process is based on the definition of the tool shape with a high precision CAD software and the manufacturing of simple and complicated shapes.

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