Adjustable Dies



Adjustable dies are:

  • applicable on all other press brake machines with individual die holders

Our Advantages – Your Convenience

  • Cover a broad range of die widths, therefore less tool exchange.
  • Bending up to 30°, especially ideal for high-tensile materials with large spring back.
  • Reduced marking of the plate part with the hardened roller bars.
  • Minimum wear of the bending radii because of hardened roller bars.
  • 10% less press force required.
  • Easily change bend radius by adjusting die widths.
  • Reduction of down times by as much as 30% because adjustment spacer bars are quick and easy to exchange.
  • Minimum maintenance costs.
  • Extremely small collision contour, more difficult bends are possible with the added bending freedom.
  • Can be used on both new and existing press brakes.
  • Modular in design; the user can start buying the die length he needs and add extra die modules later as needed.
  • Use “Insert dies” and single V-die holders to extend die opening range.
  • High level of precision and consistency over the long term.
  • Modular design has interchangeable components for quick and low cost repair.
  • Very high value for the investment.

Mounting example

Take advantage of the adjustable dies by die holders and bars in other press brakes!

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